Time Bomb: A scenario of 2030 (Hawa Badlo campaign)

Gurgaon based startup Social Cloud Ventures ‘Hawa Badlo’ launched a video named ‘Time Bomb’. Gas Authority of India Ltd (GAIL) is supporting the campaign, aiming to educate people of the fact that India is sitting on ticking ‘time bomb’ named pollution and if they delay in reforming fuel use, they are bound to reach a point of no return.


Still we have time to change our habits, or get ready to see something like this.

The secret to being happy in life (In Hindi)

We should consider how our human life is precious rare and meaningful. Although there are many humans in this world, each one of us has only one life. One person may own many cars and houses, but even the richest person in the world cannot possess more than one life. When that life is coming to an end here she cannot buy, borrow, or manufacture another. When we lose this life it will be very difficult to find another similarly qualified human life in the future. Our human life is therefore very rare.